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Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine is an emerging field of medicine that uses a patient’s genetics to prevent, diagnose, and treat a variety of ailments.  Precision medicine is personalized healthcare at its finest as we utilize your personal goals and aspirations with your genetics to take you to optimal health.


Every person has a unique genetic make-up that makes you, well… you! Each Precision medicine patient will have a 30-minute introduction tele-health appointment where a provider will spend time getting to know you and your goals. You will then have bloodwork drawn and have genetic screening sent in. This will create a one of a kind personalized report with diet, exercise, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations. Together we will create a personalized treatment plan just for you that incorporates your genetics and personal needs.


Whether you get a membership for ongoing health optimization or you are with us for a single in-depth look into your health; these great benefits come standard with all Initial Precision Medicine Evaluations:

·  Advanced Genomic Testing Of Over 700,000 SNPs


·  In-Depth Precision Health Report with 500+ Biomarkers Analyzed


·  Comprehensive Examination and in-depth lab review


·  Personalized Diet, Recovery & Supplement Plans


·  In-Depth Medical History & Lifestyle Assessment


·  Orders for labs, screenings, and more

·  Support For Prescriptions, Referrals & More

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